3-D Dental Imaging

3-D Dental Imaging is the latest and greatest in imaging technology. Simply put, 3-D Imaging allows us to see everything that we need to see before a procedure to make sure that it is done as safely and efficiently as possible. With the high cost of 3-D Dental Imaging machinery, our Van Buren office is proud to be in the 1% of offices across the nation who have taken the next steps forward to provide our patients with the best results in the industry.

3D imaging is a valuable diagnostic tool used in our office to determine the placement of dental implants, diagnosis of orthodontic issues, and to assist with many other complex dental issues. This type of imaging can be performed with a special X-ray which takes many slices of an image, then layers them to create a perfect 3-D template of your jaws. This allows for a more detailed look at the surface of your teeth and can also be used to compare the current condition of your teeth to past images to find changes that could indicate problems.

Dr. Larson's Take:

3D-Imaging in Van Buren, Arkansas:

No Pain -- Other offices use imaging methods that may involve risk for the patient, sometimes pain. 3D imaging provides a pain and risk-free alternative to classic methods.