Adult Invisalign

Invisalign Can Help You Achieve a Straight, Healthy Smile Without Traditional Metal Braces

We hear it from every adult who schedules an appointment with us: "What is the best way to straighten my smile without having the bulky, embarrassing metal braces I remember from my childhood?" We're happy to say that the days of bulky, attention-attracting braces are over. Invisalign clear braces offer a perfect solution for adults looking for a discreet way to straighten their smile quickly. We're also happy to say that, thanks to the high volume of Invisalign patients that we see, we're able to pass along huge savings from the manufacturer directly to you, making Invisalign clear braces affordable for everyone. Invisalign treatments at our Van Buren, Arkansas office generally take under one year to complete. The beauty of Adult Invisalign is that it takes less than half the time of traditional metal braces to complete treatment. We are also able to guarantee your smile for 5 years, meaning that if your smile shifts during those 5 years we will pay for your treatment to correct it. In-office appointments are less frequent, conforming itself to your busy lifestyle. Each tray consists of a slightly tighter formula to move your teeth safely and provide lasting results. Our office goes a step further than most, offering 3-D imaging to provide the custom tailored scans we need without the usual rubber-tasting goop that sits in your mouth to form a mold. Our 3-D scans also allow us to form a more complete picture of your teeth, giving you even more freedom to build your dream smile. We have a HUGE Invisalign special for a limited time that you can check out here! You can learn more about Invisalign, watch a typical fitting procedure or view customer reviews to learn more.

Adult Clear Invisalign Braces


Dr. Larson's Take:

Affordable Invisalign clear aligners in Van Buren, Arkansas is important to all of our patients. We're committed to not only offering the best prices, but to offering the best, lasting quality in the industry. If you've already been through braces and noticed that your teeth moved, leaving you with a smile that was less than you paid for, then our Invisalign 5-year guarantee is for you. If your smile shifts within 5 years, we will personally pay for your next Invisalign regime to correct your smile.  Invisalign® can treat all of the same issues as traditional metal braces. They also cost less than traditional braces, saving you money and time off from other activities that are more fun than being at the dentist. 

Every two weeks, you will begin a new set of Invisalign® trays. Each time you switch to a new set of aligners, as they are called, your teeth will be one step closer to proper alignment. Invisalign® treatment usually takes less than a year, although the severity of each patient's misalignment will determine the final timeline.

Vivera Retainers

From the makers of Invisalign, Vivera Retainers offer protection of your beautiful smile whether you have used Invisalign, traditional bracketing, or to prevent any shifting of your teeth. The removable Vivera retainer is thicker and more durable than the Invisalign aligners themselves.

Dr. Larson Uses Invisalign® To Treat A Wide Range Of Orthodontic Issues, Including:

Crooked teeth
Overly spaced teeth
Crowded teeth
Open bite

Invisalign has been proven to be the best alternative to braces, restoring confidence and creating a more discreet form of tooth correction available on the market. You can learn more about Invisalign, watch a typical fitting procedure or view customer reviews to learn more.

Benefits Of Invisalign In Van Buren, Arkansas Include:

Clear trays are virtually unnoticeable to others.
The smooth, BPA-free plastic does not irritate your gums like traditional brackets and wires.
Gradual, gentle tooth movement.
The removable trays mean that brushing and flossing are as easy as ever.
No food restrictions. Because Invisalign® is removable, you can continue to enjoy all the sticky, tough foods you love.
Less pain and shorter recovery time than traditional braces.
Freedom to live your life without worrying about the social stigma behind traditional braces.