We Offer The Latest And Greatest In
Digital Dentistry Solutions
in Van Buren, Arkansas


3-D Dental Imaging is the latest and greatest in imaging technology. Simply put, 3-D Imaging allows us to see everything that we need to see before a procedure to make sure that it is done as safely and efficiently as possible.


Digitized X-Rays (Radiography) is an imaging technique that does not use a conventional film but a special film for taking images in real time. The image is taken through a special device which is then stored in a computer and used for various pre-op planning at our Van Buren, Arkansas location.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions take away the need to use material that is messy and uncomfortable. A special camera is used to take hundreds of pictures in a few seconds, then a 3-D image is created which is seamlessly sent to the lab for faster construction with the most accurate fit available of your appliance or crown. Many patients say this is a "game changer" during their experience with this technology.

Choosing A Dentist

When choosing the right dentist for you, there are a variety of factors to consider. We use the latest, cutting-edge digital imaging devices to ensure that receive the safest and best results, guaranteed.