Digital Impressions

What Are Dental Impressions?

Most patients have expressed that they prefer not to have dental "goo" dripping down their throats in order to get their Dental Impressions made. While most dentists still use this cheaper alternative, our office has chosen to use the latest Dental Impressions technology that allows us to quickly and without discomfort get a more complete Dental Impression without the goo. We utilize the iTero Intraoral Scanner to build a complete, 3-D image of our mouth within minutes. It is the most patient-friendly and efficient way to get impressions in 2018. 

Dental Impressions Explanation:

Dr. Larson's Take:


Identifies the tooth by voice and visual commands

Aids in the creation of all types of dental restorations

Eliminates the need for coating teeth

Utilizes single-use imaging shields for maximum infection control

Offers adjustments in real time

Transmits the file wirelessly to a lab for further processing