Doctor Mastery Program


What is the Doctor Mastery Program?

Dentists are expected to have the highest level of health and safety practices in their offices every day. The Doctor Mastery Program provides an alternative for the Dentist who is looking to go above and beyond the average practices of the modern Dentist. This continued education option allows Dentists to take the next step in their education and to surpass the skillset and safety practices of dentists who have not undergone this strenuous program. The entire idea behind the Doctor Mastery Program (DMP) is to breed an elite set of Doctors who possess the most up-to-date, world-class skills that will allow them to operate safer, more efficiently, and even allow them to perform the latest procedures, all for the benefit of their patients.

The main benefit for Dentists is that it allows them to define themselves as industry leaders. The DMP lasts five years and consists of theoretical and clinical traning administered by the most revered dental leaders in the industry.


What Drives The Purpose Of The Program

The Doctor Mastery Program is incredibly selective, allowing  top performing Dentists  to participate and hone their skill sets. Most Dentists choose to forego the program as it is costly and adds an additional 5 years of education. Those who do undergo the course do so to benefit their patients with the latest and greatest procedures and technologies that the industry has to offer.

The main areas of benefit that the DMP advances Dentists in are: IV sedation, oral surgery, implants, restoration, occlusion, orthopedics and orthodontics.


The Patient Comes First

The philosophy of, "the patient comes first" takes on a more literal meaning when undertaking the Doctor Mastery Program. The program teaches Dentists to not only provide the highest level of care and safety practices for their patients, but to listen and understand the needs of the patient.

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