Endodontic Surgery

What Is Endodontic Surgery?

Endodontic Surgery is essentially the next step after a nonsurgical root canal fails to save your tooth or is deemed to not be an effective solution. The surgery locates small details, like miniscule fractures and hidden canals that X-Rays missed at the initial consultation. We offer advanced digital dentistry solutions for Endodontic Surgery that allow us to perform a safe, quick, and comfortable operation for our patients.

Dr. Larson's Take:

Why Would I Need Endodontic Surgery?

We recommend patients at our Van Buren, Arkansas location to have Endodontic Surgery when there are underlying issues that need to be physically identified, such as persistent symptoms. Tiny fractures and canals can develop that X-Ray's can miss, especially during a non-surgical treatment. In situations like this, we can find and cure the problem through a simple surgical procedure.


What Is An Apicoectomy?

Apicoectomies are when we open the gum tissue that is near the tooth, revealing the underlying bone to remove inflamed, infected, or diseased tissue. We will then remove the end of the root as well to help prevent further issues. After this simple procedure, we will place a filling in the oral canal to seal the gum and help the tissue to heal properly. We've found that Apicoectomies offer a great treatment option for our patients who are prone to chronic inflamation and pain and want to get back to living their lives normally.

Benefits of Endodontic Surgery in Van Buren, Arkansas

Cures Persistent Problems -- Non-surgical root canal treatments can leave lingering, persistent problems in rare cases. Endodontic Surgery allows us to go in and fix those issues quickly, safely, and efficiently.
Clearing Calcium Deposits -- Often times calcium deposits that happen naturally overtime can make canals too narrow to clean and shape using non-surgical treatments.Endodontic Surgery helps clear out those deposits.
Lifetime Benefits -- Generally, teeth that have had a root canal will last a lifetime. In rare cases that issues arise, Endodontic Surgery provides a safe way to save your tooth and your smile.
Minimal Recovery Time –- We strive to make every visit a day at the spa. Our Endodontic procedures have minimal pain and recovery time.