Single-Tooth Dental Implants

What Is A Single-Tooth Dental Implant?

A single-tooth dental implant is an implant where we aim to save your other teeth, replacing only one tooth with an artificial tooth. We're proud to say that, while most dentists would not undergo a single-tooth implant, we have invested in the medical technology and practice to provide safe and simple single-tooth implant solutions. In addition to functioning, looking, and for the most part feeling like a normal tooth, single implants help to protect the surrounding teeth. In other scenarios, like a crown supported bridge, the surrounding teeth may need to be filed down. Our dental implant solutions allow us to focus on one tooth, leaving the rest intact and whole. Our one-stop shop approach to dentistry enables us to perform nearly every type of dental procedure that you need.

Doctor Larson's Take

About Our Van Buren, Arkansas Dental Implant Procedures

At the Van Buren My Dentist, our team of professionals provides for all of our patients' dental implant needs. As members of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, we are highly skilled in the surgical implantation of dental implants. As cosmetic and restorative dentistry professionals, we are ideally suited to provide natural looking and durable replacement teeth to be placed on the implant posts.

Benefits of Single-Tooth Dental Implants in Van Buren, Arkansas

Affordable – Replacing a single tooth is more affordable than more extreme measures
Natural - Retain your natural smile and live life as normal
Eat Your Favorite Foods With Ease – no more difficult chewing, slipping or clicking noises
Minimal Recovery Time – You'll be feeling and looking your best in no time
Say goodbye to removable dentures and messy pastes and adhesives
Easy To Care For – just brush, floss and see your dentist for checkups
Lasting Results – You'll have a lifetime of smiles