Teeth Whitening

Let Us Help You Design Your Dream Smile

We take a different approach to helping our patients design their dream smiles: putting you at the center of what we do. We love to work with our patients, making sure they're involved in every step of the process so that we can help them achieve their goals. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that we perform. For patients who have never had a root canal and want the very best in teeth whitening, we use a combination of 'in-office' and 'at-home' bleaching techniques. If you have experienced a root canal, we use a Non-Vital Whitening procedure, which will whiten the teeth from the inside out.

Doctor Larson's Take

About Our Van Buren, Arkansas Teeth Whitening Procedures

There are two basic types of teeth whitening: "Vital" and "Non-Vital"
Vital Teeth whitening applies to the majority of patients and means that the tooth that is being whitenened has never had a root canal. In this procedure we begin by covering the gums surrounding the teeth with a special substance that will protect them during the teeth whitening. Next, we apply the gel while you recline and relax. This initial in-office treatment helps to prepare the teeth for the next phase in which we provide custom made trays you are given the same day. At home, you will have the convenience of continuing the initial process until you have achieved your desired result. We will meet with you at the end of your at-home phase to finish your bleaching process. Remember to keep your custom trays so touch ups are simple, easy, and inexpensive in the future.
Non-Vital Teeth whitening allows us to help erase stains for teeth that have had root canals. Generally, most stains will begin from the inside as opposed to the outside for a tooth that has had a root canal. We'll discuss your options with you after your initial consultation, but most procedures for whitening Non-Vital teeth involve a gel being placed inside of the tooth that helps eliminate the internal stain.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Van Buren, Arkansas

Simply put... a new YOU!! Youthful, white smiles are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to your world. Many people notice teeth and what a wonderful experience you will have when someone tells you, "Your smile looks amazing!" At My Dentist in Van Buren, we want to share the joy we know you will have once you get the smile you have always dreamed of.