Traditional Braces

What Are Traditional Braces?

Traditional Metal Braces are metal brackets attached to the teeth with a powerful adhesive. Once attached, the braces are connected with a wire. We will tighten the braces over time to help gradually shift your teeth and align your jaw. We use braces to help correct teeth that are either crooked or crowded along with jaw problems and misaligned bites. Braces have even been known to help with speaking and eating issues that stem from a jaw that is not properly aligned. We use only the latest technology in our office, which means that the traditional metal braces that we use are the latest design, sleeker and smaller than previous iterations that most dentists use.

Doctor Larson's Take

Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces In Van Buren, Arkansas

Affordable – traditional metal braces are priced well
Easy On, Easy Off - They'll go on and come off without a problem
Repairable - If something unfortunate happens, we can fix them
Slow And Steady Wins The Race – We'll take the time to make sure that your teeth are corrected properly and to your liking